Paradise Lost Resort is located on a 54-Acre Piece of Private Land 8 Kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City off Kiambu Road. Paradise Lost Resort is the largest picnic site in Kenya (54 acres of pure fun).

This is the home of the 2.5 years Old Stone Age caves, trees thought to be hundreds of years old while the river reeds have a long story to tell.

Enjoy the nature trails amid bird watching, horse riding, and camel riding, feeding Masai ostrich, fishing, coffee farms, and boat riding. The tour returns to the city centre.

Treat yourself with at Paradise Lost Resort with Bird Watching, Nature Trail, Water Sports, and Ostrich feeding. Explore the Caves, Waterfall, Face Painting, Coffee Farm Tour, Free Camel Rides, Horse Rides, Fishing Fun Games plenty of laughter, Open Bar, Kuku & Nyama choma.


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